12 Week Fat Loss Transformation

We are so proud of Robin’s 12 Week Fat Loss Transformation using our Cutting Guide! Robin has used the home workout programme during UK lockdown, and has changed his lifestyle for the better with the specified nutrition and lifestyle content in the Cutting Guide! He is down over 15kg, and he’s not finished yet!

Robin’s Testimonial:

“Here are my progress pictures after doing the 12-week Home Workout Programme from the Cutting Guide.

I have really enjoyed doing the exercises and seeing my progress over the last 12 weeks. I did pick up a slight injury halfway through, which meant the plan was on hold for a few days, but I got back on plan when the injury had cleared.

The plan is brilliant, and the nutrition information is good too, it has helped me to eat properly and stop snacking all the time.

Thanks to following your Cutting Guide I have gone from 135kg (21st 2lb) down to 119.8kg (18st 8lb)! I am well on my way to the target I set myself thanks to you guys – so thanks again!”


The Cutting and Bikini Guides have FULL HOME AND GYM WORKOUT PROGRAMMES, which you can use interchangeably or exclusively. In addition to this we specify your nutrition, detail how to create a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, and provide support throughout the entire process.

We are tried, tested and proven by thousands, so join the BEST in the game, by clicking on the plan that is best for you below now. These have full workout programmes, which include dynamic stretches, priming movements and static stretches, among masses of other unbeatable content. Don’t accept any imitators; choose the best, and achieve your best results, with #TeamLDNM

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