Lockdown Fat Loss Transformation


We love seeing your progress, but it is especially impressive when you guys and girls send in a Lockdown Fat Loss Transformation!

The Cutting Guide is our male fat loss and lean muscle guide, with full home and gym workout programmes, meaning you can progress from home, the gym, or both! The nutrition section is specified to you, there are video tutorials of all exercises, there is a comprehensive lifestyle section and all guides come with full support from #TeamLDNM

Josh has smashed it during lockdown in the UK. He has got leaner, more muscular and stronger using our Cutting Guide from home, and his testimonial can be read below:

“LDNM & their Cutting Guide really has brought the best out of me both in my knowledge & physically changed me for life! I started at 79.5kg after 2 years of travelling with no diet & no workout routine to being a lean 12% body fat weighing in at 73kg in only 10 weeks all while in lockdown which is mind blowing!

LDNM really have opened my eyes to flexible dieting, being able to include foods that are deemed as bad in the health & fitness industry, but when eaten in moderation can be okay! Along with this being able to work around a Friday night drink and not letting it destroy my progress has been amazing and I simply can’t thank them enough!     

I would thoroughly recommend the LDNM Transformation Guides to anyone, as they really are genuine guys running the show & are always there to support you with any questions that you have (whether you think they’re silly or not) they truly are amazing! The support is second to none, the guide is second to none & I simply can’t thank them enough!

I’m moving on to their Bulking Bible once gyms are open & time to see some lean gains to change the game on next year’s cut!”


The Cutting and Bikini Guides have FULL HOME AND GYM WORKOUT PROGRAMMES, which you can use interchangeably or exclusively. In addition to this we specify your nutrition, detail how to create a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, and provide support throughout the entire process.

We are tried, tested and proven by thousands, so join the BEST in the game, by clicking on the plan that is best for you below now. These have full workout programmes, which include dynamic stretches, priming movements and static stretches, among masses of other unbeatable content. Don’t accept any imitators; choose the best, and achieve your best results, with #TeamLDNM

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