20 Minute Back Workout

JE is using the 6-12-25 protocol here, to complete a brutal and effective workout in short space of time! What’s more; this whole 20 Minute Back Workout only uses one piece of equipment, and has long rest periods (so somebody else can jump in between your sets), which makes it ideal for busier gyms.

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The 20 Minute Back Workout:

3-5 x 6-12-25 Sets in Total;

  • 6 x Lat Pull Downs
  • 12 x Underhand Lat Pull Downs
  • 25 x Lat Push Downs


Exercise 1 – Employ a 3-4 second ascent (eccentric contraction), and a powerful descent (concentric contraction)

Exercise 2 – Use a 2-3 second ascent, and powerful descent (the pull down)

Exercise 3 – utilise a steady pace throughout the reps

Read more about lifting tempo here.


With 6-12-25 work we aim to have minimal rest between switching exercises within the set, and up to 3 minutes rest between each 6-12-25 set!

As it is hard to gauge the appropriate weights to use in order to push you to near your maximum on each exercise, we recommend using 1-2 warm up sets to help find suitable weights to use for each exercise. You can adjust these between sets as required too.


This 20 Minute Back Workout is great as a standalone when you are short of time, and also as a finisher after a particularly horrid push workout or lower body session!

We hope you enjoyed this testing 6-12-25 Back Workout as much as we did (in a sadistic kind of way!). As always please do follow us on social media and post your workouts, progress and meals on Instagram, and use the hashtags #LDNMuscle and #LDNM so we can see all your lovely creations, repost some and spread the LDNM Community far and wide!


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