24kg of Fat Burnt with the Cutting Guide!


Check out this absolutely cracking lifestyle change from Joseph Bensley with the Cutting Guide! Joe is down from 122kg down to 98kg! That’s an amazing 24kg of Fat Burnt with the Cutting Guide!

The brand-new Cutting and Bikini Guides were released on January 1st 2020, and are our flagship fat loss and lean definition guides, which cover absolutely everything you need to transform your physique for good! As well as covering all your training, nutrition and lifestyle needs, we provide all support throughout the process as and when required by social media messaging and email.


Joe’s Testimonial:

“I’d been a steady 110kg or so for a good three years or so until I tore my ACL playing rugby in February 2018. That was when I started putting weight on to the point where I was 122kg in those photos. I have to have a medical for work, which I failed shortly before that first one was taken for having a BMI greater than 35. Obviously not a good one for my confidence, I’d just moved back home and started playing football again with my knee braced but would tire quickly and I was slow as anything!

“I booked a holiday to South East Asia (that I’m currently on) and set myself a target of being under 100kg before I left, which I managed (just) at 99kg! That was a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been sticking with it as much as possible so suspect I’m around 98kg now. I can play seven a side for a full hour now, my knee is more stable and I’m just about ready to get back to playing rugby which has always been my passion!

“Confidence has gone through the roof, even though I know there’s still a way to go, I’m no longer the giant guy with the poorly fitting clothes!

“My biggest confidence boost was when I was moving house and I found a box of clothes that I’d kept in the hope that one day I’d fit them again. Not only did they fit, some were actually too big!

“I would absolutely recommend LDNM to others; I’ve been training on and off (mainly off) for seven years and this is the first thing I’ve found that gives me the drive to keep going, and if I miss a session I pick it straight back up where I was and go again!

“It was hands down the best £79 I’ve ever spent!”

We absolutely love feedback like Joe’s, so don’t hesitate to email yours to Results@LDNMuscle.com, and the best transformations will be rewarded!



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