6-12-25 Bicep Blaster

You have to take on our 6-12-25 Bicep Blaster, which is absolutely brutal! This training regimen incorporates strength, hypertrophy and volume rep ranges, and culminates in lots of volume, intensity and one hell of a burn!

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In this 6-12-25 training regime you need to complete the following:

6 reps of the first exercise;

  • 3-4 second eccentric (lowering phase) contraction
  • Powerful concentric (curling/upward phase) contraction

12 reps of the second exercise;

  • 2-3 seconds eccentric contraction
  • 1 second concentric contraction

25 reps of the third exercise;

  • Normal/steady pace throughout the entire and all repetitions


The 6-12-25 Bicep Blaster:

3-5 rounds in total;

  • 6 x Barbell Curls
  • 12 x Zottman Curls
  • 25 x Plate Squeeze Curls


We employ a wide and effective variety of rep ranges and training protocols in our Transformation Guides, to ensure you progress in the most stimulating and optimal way possible!

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