5kg of Muscle Gain with the Bulking Bible!


We love helping you achieve your goals; whether they be muscle gain, fat loss or simply improving your health and fitness. This time it’s William Brazil with 5kg of Muscle Gain with the Bulking Bible!


The Bulking Bible is our lean muscle and strength guide, which covers all your weight training, specified nutrition, lifestyle advice, technical and coaching support, and more over a 15-20 week period. For more LDNM transformations, click on the article titles below;

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William’s Testimonial:

“I’ve gained about 5kg of muscle using the Bulking Bible, and lost a bit of fat too! My strength has increased hugely, with my bench press going from 45kg to 60kg, and my 1 rep max is now 70kg!

The Bulking Bible lays everything out clearly; exercises, lifestyle, diet and the amount of calories required to make progress. The onus is then on you to show resilience and grit to workout even when you don’t want to, which is made easier by the realistic setup and demands of the Bulking Bible.

The Bulking Bible helps your confidence as you start to see real changes in your physique, and it starts an almost snowball like effect in other areas of your life too!

LDNM is a very widely respected brand, and their ethos matches mine. Putting health and fitness at the forefront of your life has many benefits. The LDNM team have been on hand if ever needed help too – thanks!”



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