Tom Exton

“I’m aspirational, focused and driven. Everything I do, I do with passion.”

James Exton

“I’m passionate, motivated and determined. No matter what I do, I give it 100%.”


Who We Are

We are twin brothers from London, the Exton Twins; Tom (TGE) & James (JE) Our professional backgrounds started outside of fitness, JE qualified as a Barrister, and TGE a Solicitor – however we always have had a united and common passion in health and fitness, resistance training and aesthetics. Together we are Team LDNM.

How We Started

LDNM started as a passion lead hobby in 2012. We created an online hub to answer frequently asked questions by people locally that followed us guys and wanted advice – we were determined to help others with genuine, safe and effective nutritional and training advice. In 2013, having provided 24/7 advice and support free of charge, we created LDNM, we had to make it viable for us to in order to continue to help people. Our founding ethos was and still is simple, to provide genuine, proven and realistic coaching to transform lives. We are a rarity in the fitness industry, providing a steroid and photo-shop free approach, cutting away all the BS and promoting a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable way to transform, alongside our ever positive LDNM community.

Our Principles

Fast-forward to 2022 and we have the most effective and comprehensive range of Transformation Guides for men and women, the highest quality Educational faculty, – The LDNM Academy (offering personal training, nutrition and sports massage qualifications), the highest quality Apparel, our own line of genuinely effective and well-priced Supplements, an Online Platform and a best-selling Book. We have over 800,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we remain fiercely independent, and our ethos remains exactly the same as it did in 2012.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to be the most honest and normalised information source in fitness. We ourselves been confused and ripped off in the past by fitness and supplement companies promising the World via chemically enhanced, photo-shopped models and celebrity mouthpieces used to sell non-effective and or hideously overpriced products. We are here to transform lives, our nutrition and training plans have been specifically designed to work around normal life; family, busy work and social schedules.


We have transformed 100,000’s lives world-wide, and everyone that transforms, follows and supports the movement to creating the LDNM Community. A community, of supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental like minded individuals, here to help one another on their journey. We love this, we are one big family, here to ensure everyone reaches their potential.

We Are Different

We are different. We state the facts, give you realistic goals and have physiques built on hard work and research, and around busy lives. We are passionate and want to help you make a positive step, change and transformation towards a healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner you – for life. We are honest, hard-working, straight-talking guys who are out to better the industry and stop people getting duped by fads that not only harm your bank balance, but also your health.

Throughout life I have always done my best to be active, but early on wasn’t focused on nutrition or resistance training. Over the years my expertise and passion has gone from strength to strength, enabling me to transform both body and mindset and achieve variety of goals from aesthetics through to performance. LDNM was created with a clear mission – to help others benefit from genuine, realistic advice and coaching to transform in a tried, tested, healthy and proven way, and in a way that was compatible enjoying an active social, working and family life. LDNM has since been able to help hundreds of thousands of other men and women do the same, and this has, and continues to be such an incredible and rewarding experience.

Our aim is to continue to help as many people as humanly possible to transform their lives and live a healthy, fulfilling, confident and happy life.

Being a twin, I’ve been competitive from a young age, and often with sports. As time went on and life become busier, keeping fit outside of competitive sports was crucial, with a busy working life I placed a key focus on making fitness and nutrition realistic and achievable within the constraints of a busy life. For me LDNM, was a way to empower others to achieve their goals, but with the help of someone that fully understand how difficult that can be at times. Being able to help people transform their lives on a daily basis and create such a positive and empowering community is what LDNM is all about.