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This circuit set is the perfect way to finish off those arms, or even to stick on the end of another workout so you get more total volume that week (and better results against hitting them only once per week). Let us know how you find our Arm Workout Finisher with TGE!

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The Workout:

  • 5 rounds;
  • 10 reps per exercise
  • No rest between exercises
  • Up to 90 seconds rest between rounds

The Exercise Order:

  1. Tricep Push Downs
  2. High Curls
  3. Overhead Extensions
  4. Rope Curls


TGE is wearing our tapered tech trackies with zip ankles and pockets, as well as our dashing grey marl training tee!

Hitting each muscle group more than once per week is far more effective than a traditional bodybuilder style split where you hit a single muscle group with too much volume only once per week. Read more about this here.

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We hope you enjoyed this Arm Workout Finisher as much as we did (in a sadistic kind of way!). As always please do follow us on social media and post your workouts, progress and meals on Instagram, and use the hashtags #LDNMuscle and #LDNM so we can see all your lovely creations, repost some and spread the LDNM Community far and wide!


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