Back and Shoulders Workout

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BACK & SHOULDERS Ft. @JE_LDNM ????? . Check out these exercise variations from JE! They’re challenging, but good ammunition to add to your training artillery for when the gym is busy at this time of year! ✌? . • Trap Bar Bent Over Rows; 4 x 10 • Floor Arnold Press; 3 x 12 • Prone Plate Front Raises; 3 x 15 • Plate Shrugs; 3 x 20 . Take around 90-120 seconds rest between each set, and build the weight at a sensible rate between sets if these moves are new to you! Be sure to let us know how you find them! ??‍♂️ . START TODAY & TRANSFORM AT WWW.LDNMUSCLE.COM ? . #LDNM #LDNMuscle #LDNMWorkout #MondayMotivation #WeightLossJourney #FatLoss #CuttingGuide #BikiniGuide #BUlkingBible #Workout #GymWorkout #WorkoutInspo

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Try this Back and Shoulders Workout featuring our very own JE! This is a great workout to really mix your sessions up, and if you like these exercises, feel free to throw them into your workouts from now on!

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Back and Shoulders Workout:

Trap Bar Bent Over Rows; 4 x 10 reps

Floor Seated Arnold Press; 3 x 12 reps

Prone Plate Front Raises; 3 x 15 reps

Plate Shrugs; 3 x 20 reps


The Directions:

Aim for 90-120 seconds rest between sets

Use a reduced weight warm-up set for each exercise; in order to practice technique and gauge the proper weight to use for each exercise

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