Fully comprehensive 15-week mobile friendly diet & training plan.
All new interactive online platform; exercise video demos, live and savable workout tracker, built in Spotify playlist and more.
  Beginner, intermediate and advanced diet and training options, and suitable for shift workers too.
  Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  Specialist tips and advice surrounding diet, training and the menstrual cycle.
  Designed specifically to work around busy work, family and social lives.
  Separate training plan for home workout users.
  Unrivalled personal support & motivation comes as standard.

Bikini Guide

£79.00 inc. VAT

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bikini guide

Bikini Guide Ipad & Phone

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Bikini Guide

Bikini Guide Ipad & Phone


  15 weeks of workouts optimized to shred fat & build muscle.
  Beginner, intermediate and advanced options.
  Full video demonstrations of technique, photos, and comprehensive guidance.
  Gym & home training options.
  Epic Workout playlists to power you through your workouts.


  Beginner, intermediate and advanced options – to suit your preference.
  Choose from a whole variety of tasty and easy to make recipes.
  Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
  No foods or drinks are banned – a plan you can actually enjoy!.
  Suitable for shift workers.



  We have specifically designed the guide to work around YOUR lifestyle.
  Alcohol isn’t banned, nor are any foods.
  We show you how to get amazing results around work, family, social lives and hobbies to achieve the right balance.
  Specific female-friendly advice around the menstrual cycle.



  Unrivalled, round-the-clock, personal, professional support and motivation from #TeamLDNM (James, Tom, Max & Lloyd.)
  You will never feel alone or lack motivation with us guys supporting you throughout your transformation.



Team ldnm

James Exton

“I’m aspirational, focused and driven. Everything I do, I do with passion.”
Tom Exton

Tom Exton

“I’m passionate, motivated and determined. No matter what I do, I give it 100%.”
Max Bridger

Max Bridger

“I’m all about balance. Healthy lifestyle; strong body, resilient mind & overall sustainable health for all.”