Brutal Bicep Workout

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TRISET BICEPS Ft. @MB_LDNM ???? . We like to add arm work on to the end of an upper body workout, and hit them at least twice per week. This is more effective than having an ‘arm day’ for both specific arm progress, as well as allowing more effective progress across the body as a whole! ??? . 3-5 rounds; • Hammer Curls x 8 • High Cable Curls x 8 • Low Cable Curls x 8 . • No rest between exercises • 90-120 seconds rest between rounds • Go to failure on each exercise in your final round . Forget the imitators. PROGRESS with the BEST at ???? . #LDNMuscle #LDNM #LDNMWorkout #Arms #Biceps #ArmDay #Bodybuilding #NaturalBodybuilding #BuildMuscle #Workout #Training #Gym #Fitness #Fitfam #Progress #Transformation #PersonalTrainer #WorkoutInspo #WeightTraining #London #NewYork #Sydney

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This workout is fantastic to build your biceps, and is a fast, simple method too! This Brutal Bicep Workout uses tri-sets to ramp up the volume, but reduce time spent in the gym. It is perfect to use 2-3 times a week at the end of your session, too add extra total volume, or simply allow you to prioritise other body parts and more complex exercises!

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The Brutal Bicep Workout

8 x Dumbbell Hammer Curls

8 x High Cable Curls

8 x Low Cable Curls


The Fine Details:

Have a minimal rest between exercises

90-120 seconds rest between rounds

Complete 3-5 tri-sets in total!


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