Aaron Burns Fat with LDNM


Another Cutting Guide champion right here! Aaron Loses 3 stone and 8 Inches on the Cutting Guide! We love seeing all of your transformations, so please keep sending them in to Results@LDNMuscle.com and remember: we only use them with your consent!

Our fat loss and lean muscle plan, the Cutting Guide The LDNM Cutting Guide, is designed for busy people and normal hectic lifestyles. So if you’re a new parent, or busy young professional like Aaron, our guides will work for you!


Check out Aaron’s feedback below!

“On the left I was 117kg and 40inch waist, and on the right I’m now 95.2 kg and 32inch waist!

I’ve been doing the gym for a while but could never find something I could stick with until I saw the LDNM posts online, but like most you don’t think it would actually work. I went for the cutting guide and can say the programme worked brilliant with my lifestyle with going 4 days a week but also never saying I’m on a diet. I just changed a few things but still eat the bad things a lot of the time. I’ve learnt it’s all about being consistent. Thanks to you LDNM guys for creating such a good programme!

I would 100% recommend you guys because of how well it is all set up!”


We absolutely LOVE your feedback, so please remember to keep us updated via email – results@LDNMuscle.com – and via messages. We only share your progress with your permission, with you tagged or anonymously!



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