Deepak Loses Fat on the Cutting Guide!


Fantastic work from the LDNM Family once again; Deepak Loses Fat on the Cutting Guide! Our fat loss and lean muscle plan, The Cutting Guide, is designed for busy people and normal hectic lifestyles. Lots of our transformations are from parents, who make use of the adaptable and effective gym and home workout programmes, as well as the family friendly nutrition, in the LDNM Guides!

Deepak was kind enough to send in a small testimonial about his experience during his fat loss transformation:

“The LDNM cutting guide has been a fantastic journey so far! It has been really educational on both the training and nutrition side. The gym workouts are challenging but enjoyable – it’s not the same thing week in, week out which is really good on the motivation side. Each week I’ve got stronger doing different exercises – deadlifts have gone from 60kg to 100kg with proper form (I weigh 69kg!).

It’s key to note that this is not a ‘fad diet’ – I’m actually eating more than I was before the guide but now have a view on the right macro split that allows me to achieve fat loss. I know how to incorporate food and drink into a lifestyle that I can fully enjoy whilst achieving the body (and mind!) that I want! So far I’ve lost 9.1KG and around 4 inches off my waist – I’m 36 and I’ve knocked 15 years off my waistline and weight!

The results are unrivalled. I’ve already recommended LDNM to friends and family and I look forward to their journeys! It’s really life changing! My mind, body, sleep and outlook on life is honestly the best it’s been in years!

Thank you LDNM – glad to be part of the fam! Btw this isn’t the end – look forward to the next update!”


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