Dumbbell Home Workout


For this HIIT workout all you need is a little bit of space and some moderately weighted dumbbells! We know it is frustrating not being able to get to the gym right now, but thankfully it is much easier to maintain your progress than it is to achieve it – so all is not lost. This Dumbbell Home Workout is a real challenge for both your muscles and cardiovascular system; so let us know how you get on by tweeting or dropping a comment on our Instagram.


The Exercise Order:

1.) Press Ups

2.) Renegade Rows

3.) Bent Over Rows

4.) Reverse Flys


5 Rounds in Total:

10 reps per exercise

Minimal rest when changing exercises

45 seconds rest between rounds!


Our Cutting and Bikini Guides have full home workout programmes, which are perfect to allow you to progress and at the least maintain your muscular progress from home!

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