Giant Sets Triceps Workout


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Try our Giant Sets Triceps Workout today! This session is an absolute tricep destroyer, so get back to us with your feedback (if you can move your arms enough to message us!) as we would love to hear from you all!

Giant sets are 3-5 exercises on a single muscle group, back-to-back, with minimal rest between each. They are great to use when you are short of time, or when you are trying to add variety to your higher volume workouts.

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Giants Set Triceps Workout:

  • 10 reps per exercise
  • Minimal rest between exercises
  • 120 seconds rest between giant sets
  • 3-4 giant sets in total!

The Exercise Order:

1.) Skull Crushers

2.) Dumbbell Kickbacks

3.) French Press

4.) Overhead Extensions

5.) Close Grip Push Ups


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