Landmine Full Body Workout

This Landmine Full Body Workout with JE is both tough and effective, and can be done without a landmine attachment, simply by popping the bar into the corner of a room or machine (which is suitable and thus safe too!).

JE has opted for a lighter weight so he can develop more power with his Landmine Full Body Workout, but do feel free to load the bar heavily, or even to go for a light load and really focus on your lifting technique and the time under tension (lifting tempo) for the muscles.

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The Landmine Full Body Workout:

  • Complete the exercises in the order shown in the video
  • Try to maintain your stance throughout (to improve convenience and stability)
  • Complete 5 rounds of the complex (the 4 exercises shown) per set
  • 45-60 seconds rest between sets
  • 15-20 sets in total!

The Exercise Order:

  1. Jammer Press
  2. Jammer Press (opposite arm)
  3. Barbell Press
  4. Barbell Thruster

(Repeat x 5)


This workout is great as a standalone when you are short of time, and also as a finisher after an upper body workout, or more shoulder focused session!

We hope you enjoyed this tasty Landmine Full Body Workout as much as we did (in a sadistic kind of way!). As always please do follow us on social media and post your workouts, progress and meals on Instagram, and use the hashtags #LDNMuscle and #LDNM so we can see all your lovely creations, repost some and spread the LDNM Community far and wide!


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