Lower Body Stretching Routine

Check out this quick, simple and effective Lower Body Stretching Routine, which you can use to help improve your muscle flexibility! Static stretching is great to use after your cardio or weight training workouts, as a way to help maintain and even improve your overall conditioning.

You will find that with consistent static and dynamic stretches, after and before your workouts, the session intensity and efficacy both improve steadily. For our leg workouts, simple click on the title below!

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Lower Body Stretching Routine:

  1. Prone Calf Stretch
  2. Seated Hamstring
  3. Half Kneeling Hip Flexor
  4. Prone Quadriceps
  5. Seated Groin
  6. Seated Hip
  7. Standing Achilles Tendon


How to Perform an Effective Static Stretch:

  • Assume a position that is around an 8/10 when we assume 10 to be the absolute limit of your muscle groups being subjected to this stretch.
  • Settle into this position, before breathing in and out slowly 3 times through.
  • Switch sides and repeat on the other leg via the same method.
  • If you have time, repeat the stretches again on both sides, but this time try and increase the initial stretch position from the outset, before following the same 3 breath cycle!


How Often Should I Stretch?

We would suggest stretching at least every other day, and perhaps more if you exercise daily. This routine only takes around 5 minutes, so you can even do it whilst watching TV or waiting for your food to cook. You can even combine it with something else you do each day, like deep breathing exercises (which I find really help the effectiveness of these stretches compared to counting anyway!).


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