Lunchtime Shoulder Workout

Try our Lunchtime Shoulder Workout featuring JE today!

This workout has a varied exercise selection and is good fun too! You can really get into these exercises with some big weights, as the rep range and rest periods facilitate it.

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The Lunchtime Shoulder Workout:

1.) Arnold Press; 3 x 8

2.) Bus Drivers; 3 x 9

3.) Modified Lateral Raises; 3 x 10

4.) Landmine Jammer Press; 3 x 12


LDNM’s Top Tips:

  • Have 60 – 90 seconds rest between sets, excluding exercise 4, where we suggest 30-45 seconds between sets (which you alternate between arms).
  • Use a weight that would allow you to complete only 1 more rep than the target rep range.
  • On the final set of each exercise complete reps to failure!


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