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Back is one of my favourite muscles to train, because you can really emphasise both the stretch and contraction of the target muscles with every single movement, and every single rep. This Muscle Building Back Workout with has the optimal total volume for an intermediate or advanced trainer, and examples of good technique, lifting speed and range of motion that you can see by watching the above video!

This workout would go well with both our Cutting Guide (for men), and Bikini Guide (for women), in place of one of the back sessions or pull workouts. Both the cutting and bikini guides are ideal for fat loss and increased muscle definition and strength; with masses of new workouts, recipes and content to propel you towards your goal physique in an unrivalled manner!

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Muscle Building Back Workout:

  1. 5 x 5 Deadlifts
  2. 4 x 8 Pull Ups
  3. 4 x 10 Bent Over Rows
  4. 3 x 12 Lat Push Downs
  5. 5 x 15 Face Pulls


  • Aim for around 90-120 seconds rest between sets
  • Go to failure (where you cannot do anymore reps of the exercise) on the final set of exercises 2, 4 & 5!
  • Focus on technique over weight!
  • Ensure the elbows are fully extended between reps on all exercises (excluding exercise 4) to ensure you work a larger range of motion, and force the back muscles to take over from the biceps.


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