Fast and Brutal Shoulder Workout


This Fast and Brutal Shoulder Workout is an absolute cracker! This session focuses on the most commonly used rep range, but pairs it in a tri-set with descending levels of difficulty, in order to allow you to use one set of dumbbells. This makes the session brilliant for when you are short of time, equipment is limiting, or the gym is just super busy!


6-12-25 is also a great training protocol based on triple-sets, which is used to add extra training volume to smaller muscle groups at the end of a weights session focused on larger body parts, or different compound lifts.


The Fast and Brutal Shoulder Workout:

10 x Lateral Raises

10 x Standing Arnold Press

10 x Dumbbell Bus Drivers


The Directions:

Complete 5 tri-sets in total

Have minimal rest between exercises

Use a steady and consistent tempo throughout each exercise

Take 2-3 minutes rest between each of your triple-sets!


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