Active IQ Level 2 Diploma Gym Instructing and Personal Training – Next Session:

The LDNM Academy

LDNM is renowned as an industry leader when it comes to personal trainer courses.

Central London Location (Canary Wharf) – easily accessible by car and public transport.

With over 40 years of combined experience and unrivalled tutor to student teaching ratios, we guarantee your journey to become a personal trainer is in safe hands.

Our personal trainer courses are fully REPS and CIMSPA accredited, with a 100% pass rate, and unlimited 24/7 support for all students during and after the PT courses.

Once you have qualified and become a personal trainer we have strong and invaluable career links with a number of high profile gym chains.

All graduates from our personal trainer courses are guaranteed a job interview with Third Space upon successfully qualifying.



LDNM is a globally known and respected, market leading, provider of online training guides, with a unique ethos. To date our guides and expertise have created 1000’s of life-changing transformations. What we say and do, is tried, tested and proven.We collectively have over 30 years of training and dietary experience and the added benefit of realism. Having combined our training/diets alongside full-time jobs, we have the practical and real-life expertise to truly aid you and your prospective clients.

✔ Core values and a unique ethos.✔ Industry leading, respected, proven and trusted.✔ We are changing the fitness industry, changing perceptions, injecting realism and eradicating unrealistic and unattainable targets.✔ We offer real-life practical advice in addition to the syllabus. You will finish the course and be able to effectively train clients, not just know how to in theory.✔ Hear and learn from each of our own experiences, Team LDNM will be present throughout the course, find out how it is that we have successfully transformed thousands of clients.✔ Personalised and passion driven courses, with additional course content provided by Team LDNM. We take great pride in making you an LDNM approved trainer.✔ Enjoyable, fun courses, we don’t just talk through the theory, we focus on real life, you will leave feeling confident to take your first clients session.✔ Hands on business advice, how do you create your own successful business?✔ You leave with the LDNM reputation; prospective employers will know and value the calibre and quality of you as an LDNM graduate.

The Subject Lessons

Your face-to-face learning experience will involve the following modules.

Course Dates

Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing

19th August – Client Consultations & Introduction to Instructing CV Machines and Body Weight Exercises. 

26th August – Resistance Training & Functional Training Practical Workshop. 

9th September – Free Weights Practical Workshop & Programme Design

16th September – Level 2 Assessment Day. 

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

23rd September – Client consultation preparation, Advanced Flexibility & Advanced CV Training Methods.

30th September – Client Consultation & Advanced CV assessments, and theory content. 

7th October – Introduction to advance resistance training methods. Client Programme design & case study. 

21st October – Level 3 practical and theory assessments. 

28th October – Final assessments and course conclusion. 


Please note the level of commitment has been designed to fit around normal lives. You are only required to attend on the dates expressly stated as ‘attendance’ below – depending on the course you book this will either be a Saturday or a Sunday. The remainder of the course content is delivered online, and this can be done from the comfort of your own home via online webinars. Please note if you can’t attend one or more of the dates listed, we can make additional arrangements. For any questions or queries please email


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