What Are BCAAs?

BCAA is a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) powder that dissolves and mixes into a shake. Our BCAA is an ultra-pure powder containing the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine in a proven ratio of 2:1:1. These essential amino acids play an important role in the development and preservation of muscle tissue.

What Are The Performance Benefits Of BCAA

BCAAs have a number of performance benefits. They are key to the growth, recovery and repair of muscle tissue, as well as the prevention of muscle tissue breakdown.

Quality As Ever

Our BCAA is of the highest quality as are all of our products and are subject to the same stringent checks as all our ingredients.

When Do We Use BCAAs

We recommend using BCAA’s during (intra) training. It’s a great tasting, effective, performance fuelling drink that can be conveniently sipped throughout.

Nutritional Information


Leucine: 2.5g

Isoleucine: 1.25g

Valine: 1.25g

Figures are based on unflavoured version. For flavoured versions the BCAA content is reduced by up to 25%.



Additional Information


For allergens see ingredients listed in bold.



Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Natural Flavouring (Flavoured Versions Only), Citric Acid (Pink Lemonade Flavours Only), Natural Colour (Anthocyanin [Pink Lemonade Flavour Only]), Instantising Agent (Soy Lecithin), Sucralose (Flavoured Versions only).


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