Single Leg Giant Sets Workout

This Single Leg Giant Sets Workout is a great way to add some variety and intensity to your usual leg workout; especially if you find you just go through the motions with leg workouts usually (we often do!). In addition to adding variation and effort to your training, single leg movements are great to expose any imbalances between each side of the body.

We are big fans of utilising giant sets within our training. We opt for giant sets when we are short on time, in gyms with limited equipment (when travelling for instance), or simply when we fancy going off-programme and adding some volume, intensity and making the session a bit more dynamic!

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The Single Leg Giant Sets Workout:

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats
  2. (Weighted) Step Ups
  3. Declined Single Leg Hip Thrusts
  4. Single Leg Hip Thrusts

The Rules:

  • Complete 10 reps per exercise
  • Have minimal rest between exercises
  • Have 30-60 seconds rest between giant sets
  • Alternate legs between each giant set
  • Opt for your weaker leg for the first set!
  • Complete up to 4 rounds on each leg!


We would advise you to have your toes pointing directly forwards, or ideally slightly angled out, away from the body. From here we would suggest bracing the knee outwards – away from the body – for each movement. This will help prevent the knee caving across the body. We want to keep the knee aligned to allow the hip to hinge effectively, which spreads the tension more evenly across the hamstrings and glutes (as well as the quads), and alleviates the pressure on the knees.

Forward lean in both the Bulgarian split squat and the weighted step up will increase the angle at the hip, and the tension through the glute (butt) muscles. This is great if you want to develop bigger, stronger glutes, but also for people looking to rehab or prehab against knee and back injuries. Our lower and upper body stretching routines will also aid any conditioning based goals.


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