Comprehensive 12-week diet & training plan, to build muscle, size and strength fast.
FREE 12 week home workout guide. Do you prefer training from home? No problem we’ve got you covered.
 FREE Printed & bound gym workout & training log sent direct to you. Meaning you have your whole training plan and tracking log delivered to you as a hard copy as well as the digital version.
 Exercise tutorial videos talking you step-by-step through each muscle group, and the more difficult lifts, to optimise your results.
 LDNM’s very own Spotify training Playlist – to get the most from your workouts.
 Beginner, intermediate and advanced diet & gym based training plans.
 Delicious, healthy and easy to make recipes with full macro breakdowns.
 Vegetarian and vegan-friendly, with specific guidance and recipes.
 Shift-worker friendly, with specific advice for night-workers.
 Specifically designed to work around busy working, family and social lives.
 Unrivalled 24/7 personal support from us here at Team LDNM.

£89.00 inc. VAT

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Usually £99 (inc VAT).

Bulking Guide



One payment of £29 followed by 3 monthly payments of £23

Bulking Guide



Is this guide suitable for me?

The answer is YES. Our guide comes with beginner, intermediate and advanced options for both your diet and training, ensuring your ability is catered for.

Do I need access to a gym?

No gym, no problem. Our guide comes with both a home and a gym training plan. 

How long do I need for each workout?

All workouts completed in 35-40 minutes so perfect for those with busy schedules. 

Do I really get access 24/7 support?

Yes you do, you have round the clock access to us here at Team LDNM to help you with any questions you may have. We even provide you with support via voice-note – unrivalled. 

Will the Bulking Bible affect my lifestyle?

No, We are passionate on the Bulking Bible working with your lifestyle, so we have shown you how to incorporate all of your hobbies, food and drinks you enjoy and how to maintain an active social and family life alongside getting amazing results. 

Is it suitable for vegetarian and vegan?

Yes, we have all food preferences comprehensively covered within. 


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Tom Exton

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