Comprehensive 18-week diet & training plan, to shred body fat and build lean muscle.
FREE printed & bound workout & progress tracking log delivered direct to you.
  FREE access to our Revolutionary, interactive, online Cutting Guide platform featuring:
  An interactive talk through the guide step by step.
  Exercise tutorial videos talking you through the more difficult lifts alongside demonstrations videos.
  Digital workout tracker, to log and save each workout.
  LDNM’s very own built in Spotify training Playlist – to get the most from your worktouts.
  Beginner, intermediate and advanced diet & gym based training plans.
Separate training plan for home workout users.
Delicious, healthy and easy to make recipes.
Vegetarian and vegan-friendly, with specific guidance and recipes.
Shift-worker friendly, with specific advice for night-workers.
Designed to work around busy working, family and social lives.
Unrivalled 24/7 personal support from us here at Team LDNM.

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Cutting guide


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Cutting Guide



  18 weeks of progressive workouts designed to shred body fat and build lean muscle.
  Using the latest training protocols to optimise your results.
  Beginner, intermediate and advanced training schedules and options.
  Full step-by step video tutorials and demonstration of correct technique.
  Gym and home training options.
  All workouts are designed to be completed in 35 minutes – perfect for those with busy schedules.
  LDNM workout playlist to power you through your workouts.


  Beginner, intermediate and advanced options – to suit your preference/lifestyle.
  Tasty, easy to make and cost effective recipes.
  Example daily meal plans.
  Specific Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly recipes and guidance.
  Eating on the move and eating out troubleshooting and recommendations.
  No foods or drinks are banned. Finally, a plan you can actually enjoy.
  Suitable for shift and night-workers.


  We have specifically designed this guide to work around your own individual lifestyle.
  Alcohol isn’t banned, nor are any foods. Takeaway’s and eating out are all catered for with our nutritional plan.
  We guide you through getting amazing results around work, family and social lives, and how to strike the right balance.



  As a Cutting Guide user, you have our 24/7 round the clock personal and professional support, from one of us guys here at Team LDNM (JE, TGE, MB, JOSH, LB).
  You will never feel alone, or lack motivation with us guys supporting you through your transformation.
  You join a community of like-minded and supportive individuals embarking on the same journey, together the community empowers one another to reach their goals.


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Tom Exton

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Max Bridger

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